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 Nymfo Interview @ Knowledge Mag, 22.06.2011

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BeitragThema: Nymfo Interview @ Knowledge Mag, 22.06.2011   Di Jun 21 2011, 20:31

Nymfo im Interview


Bardo Camp, aka Nymfo, has been making a name for himself in the d&b community through his itchy, dark sounds and collaborations with artists including Icicle and Black Sun Empire. His new EP, Double Dutch, is out now on Klute's Commercial Suicide label. Kmag caught up with the Dutch producer to delve deep into the meanings behind the EP, his favourite three labels and a possible Eggs Benedict restaurant with Black Sun Empire.

Tell us about what we can expect to hear on your Double Dutch EP...
I wanted to have four dance floor rollers on this EP, but every single tune needed its own character. The EP title tune is a perfect follow up for Matchstick. In Our Mind with Chris SU has got a nice smooth harmonious vibe. Resolve is a typical Nymfo bassline roller and when listening to Gamma Ray you can hear the Wormhole influences.

Which track on the EP was the most difficult to produce and why?
That was Double Dutch. I changed it seven times, I think, and was struggling with the mixdown for a long time. But I'm very happy with the result, so all the frustration and time for this tune was definitely worth it.

For the second track on your new EP you collaborated with Chris SU. Can you tell us what was on your mind when you came up with the title, In Our Mind?
Usually it takes pretty long finding a perfect title for a tune, but this one was simple. We used a sample that is saying 'in my mind' and because Chris and I are such creative people (haha) we called it In Our Mind. After that we went drinking beer again.

Double Dutch EP [Commercial Suicide] by Nymfo

You've joined forces with the likes of Black Sun Empire and Icicle in the past, are there any more collaborations in the pipelines?
I like to do collaborations, but only when I'm in the studio with people. I almost never do collabs online. At the moment Black Sun Empire and I are working on a new tune. I visit their studio in Utrecht once a week, which is a lot of fun. Cern and I are working on something as well right now and Klute and I are trying to finish something but he is a very lazy person!

You've been mixing since the age of 14. What has been the most awkward or hilarious thing you've encountered?
I got a tune request once when I was in the mix and the guy was asking for Commix's Belleview. But I was just beat-matching this tune on my headphone and three seconds after his request I was mixing it in. His facial expression was gold. He thought I could even mix faster then Andy C and I definitely made his night.

What has been the most surprising inspiration for producing over the years?
All the travelling and meeting new people gives me a lot of inspiration. Every country or city has its own culture and surprises me a lot. Also, reading books about musicians is always a pleasure and very interesting. Klute thinks he is giving me inspiration as well, but I always want to quit music after a chat with him!

Having released on a host of imprints, including Ram, Critical and C.I.A., what would you say your favourite three labels are and why?
I have to say Commercial Suicide now, of course, haha! Besides that, I'm a big fan of Samurai Music from New Zealand because Geoff is always looking for new talent and has got a great back catalogue so far. Critical Recordings is one of my favorites as well, because Kasra always has got the freshest tunes.

You're kindly giving away an exclusive track to Kmag readers. Can you tell us more about it?
Because I'm such a nice, friendly, cool and emotional person I'm giving away a tune I did called Engraving. A lot of people support my music, so I want to give something back to all those people.

You recently tweeted about going to meet Black Sun Empire to finish a new tune and open an eggs benedict restaurant. What can we expect to hear from the collaboration and will we eventually be able to have breakfast with you guys while listening to your tunes?!
At the moment I can't tell you what to expect, especially as the Black Sun Empire guys like to change the whole tune during every studio session. We had a few sessions already, but it's changing all the time. One thing for sure though, is that it's going to be a dance floor banger. Another thing we have in common is that we like our food and also alcohol. When we are working together we are starting early and have a proper lunch halfway that always ends up with those cold beers.

What would you have been doing if you hadn't been answering these questions right now?
I think I would have been waking up Ollie Cern because he at the moment is stinking in my guest room here in Amsterdam. But I want to finish some music with him!

Any final words?
My designer friends from Amsterdam called Graphic Surgery designed the sleeve for my EP and I want to give them some credit! Even if you don't like drum & bass, or music, you should still buy the EP on vinyl because it's a little piece of art. And I recently started a >> fanpage on Facebook.

Words: Liv Stroud

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Nymfo Interview @ Knowledge Mag, 22.06.2011
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