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 Hamilton Interview - Knowgledge Mag

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Hamilton is one of dnb's newer faces but is no stranger to sick beats and heavy basslines. This genre-hopping producer has been making music for many years under a few aliases and after entering the foray of drum & bass, he's been signed to the famous Ram Records. Knowledge talked to him about his eclectic output, signing to RAM and what the future holds.

What initially made you start producing music and when did you start?
I've always loved music from a very early age and I started learning the guitar when I was about nine I think. I went on to be in a couple of bands in my early teens, but it was when I started listening to London pirate stations in the early 90s that I became hooked on what was known then as hardcore.

The thing that really appealed to me about hardcore and electronic music in general was all these wicked sounds, beats, basslines and rhythms I'd never heard before and it was just all so fresh. It instantly made more conventional music look old and boring.

I ended up meeting a lot of the Pulse FM DJs through a mutual friend around 1992. Skie, MJ, Funkee Junkee, Enzyme, Zig Zag and The Criminal all had a massive influence on me....................
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Hamilton Interview - Knowgledge Mag
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