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 Horizons Music Interview

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BeitragThema: Horizons Music Interview   Di Aug 23 2011, 06:11

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Following the release of the Horizons Music compilation Dreamthief 2 at the beginning of this month, Kmag talks to label head Neil Monteiro about their innovative vibes.

If you could sum up the sound of the Horizons label in three words, what would they be?
Pretty f*****g cool.

What vibes can we expect from the new album? And which tracks should we look out for?
It's a range of vibes. The CD version is 80 odd minutes, and it spans some of the freshest sounding drum & bass. The vinyl has six dancefloor killers, but choosing those six was a really hard task. I was thinking the other day what was my favourite track and I concluded that I don't really have one. They've all got their place, so at the end of the day, when asking which tracks you should look out for, I'd say all of them.......
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Horizons Music Interview
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