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 Triad Interview (Organic)

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BeitragThema: Triad Interview (Organic)   Mi Sep 21 2011, 22:37

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Ahead of Sub:side Presents Horizons Music on 21st October, we caught up with Bass Tikal, one third of German production trio Triad. Studio dynamics, collaboration and cross genre remixes… What you saying Triad?

Working as a trio must give you lots of options in regards to sharing the work load and the collaborative process behind making music, How does Triad typically work when making music? Do you have defined roles? Or is there a more open approach?

Triad has been started as a project to mainly explore new musical directions and we don’t care about dancefloor capability too much. the way we are working isn’t set at all. Triad are mainly just Henree and me (Bass Tikal). my brother Florian just joins the project from time to time. Our roles are changing from track to track and thats really important for us to keep it all interesting and fresh. we don’t do music for a living so its the most important thing for us to have fun in the studio. sometimes Henree may come up with a track idea and i’m doing additional production work and the arrangement. sometimes it’s the other way around. this way of working helps us to have a constant development in our music. And working as a group where everyone can do any process in the production chain is a very helpful thing as you constantly influence and motivate each other even in times when someone isn’t highly inspired.

Last year you caused a bit of a stir with your 170 bpm remix of Omar’s “Lay It Down”, it must have been a real buzz remixing such a big artist? How did the remix come about?.........
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Triad Interview (Organic)
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