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his week sees the release of the new album from Blu Mar Ten. Entitled ‘Love Is The Devil’, the album, the group’s fourth, sees a continuation of the rich vein of deep and musical drum & bass which fans have come to expect, mixed with a strong contemporary vibe. Each new album from BMT is an event in itself, so we caught up with Chris from the group to break down the album, and find out more about their writing, production, and views on music.

Firstly, can you introduce yourselves, and tell us about how you work as a three-piece. Do you each have distinctive roles in the crew, and if so, has this remained the same or changed over time?
Hello. We're Michael, Leo and Chris, aka Blu Mar Ten. First there was two of us and we would do everything together. Then there was three of us and we did everything together. Now we're getting old and we work separately a lot of the time and leave notes for each other. Michael is very technical and spends lots of time on crafting sounds, particularly the drums & basses. Chris is more focused on the musical side of things: melodies and progressions. Leo comes up with weird stuff that nobody else would have thought of.

Your new album is coming out this week. Can you talk about some of your personal favourite tracks on the album.
It's impossible for us to have that sort of critical distance. ..........
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Blu Mar Ten Interview KMag
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