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 02.10.14: ABYSSAL w/ DjRUM @ OHM, Berlin

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BeitragThema: 02.10.14: ABYSSAL w/ DjRUM @ OHM, Berlin   Do Sep 11 2014, 04:23

We don't know where the journey goes, but one thing is clear: It's going to be deep!
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2nd Drop/ Smokin' Sessions/ On the edge, UK
Urban Poetry/ Samurai/ Hidden Hawaii
Urban Poetry/ Abyssal/ Impulse
PAMPIG/ Abyssal/ Impulse

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After a small break Abyssal is back with another weekender!

We are more than pleased to invite you to OHM Club, situated in the impressive walls of Heizkraftwerk Mitte, right in the heart of Berlin.
To celebrate this very new chapter for the whole crew, our guest headliner is no other than the mighty DjRUM.


Heading all the way from London and playing for the third time at ABYSSAL, this is going to be some truly family business.
We feel highly blessed as he represents the attitude within our nights better than anybody. Melting everything we love
about Electronic Music in a virtuoso blend, his DJ Sets are always journeys without genre restrictions.

The only thing to be expected is the unexpected!

As he is not only an outstanding DJ, his productions are also mind­blowing. Having released highly acclaimed singles for Smoking Sessions,
On The Edge, 2ndDrop and others, his Album "Seven Lies" seems to be the ultimate compendium of his understanding of contemporary music.
Crystal clear production, but even more his very own cinematic feeling, are making this LP the soundtrack for your imaginary movie.

We're more than happy to have him back behind the decks taking all of us on his musical journey!


Another long time fellow and extremely talented producer is Es.tereo. Gaining international attention with releases on Samurai Music
and Hidden Hawaii, his tracks are best to be described as blend of Dubtechno thrown into the deep realms of 170 BPM Bass Music.
That very night he will join forces with long time b2b partner Turrican. Beeing head of Urban Poetry Records he is representing the deepest,
yet melodic and musical sides of 170. Together they will take things to another level again out of space.


WHØ? ­ the mystery machine will bring you some energetic and raw dancefloor power not to be missed. Musical figurehead of art collective he is the music maniac to teach and please every dancefloor with his skillful mix sets.


Last but not least DDM, the DJs DJ, will be playing one of his beautiful selected and woven sets of all kinds of Bass related music.
The shy hero of our hearts is one not to be missed!

Lets make it a night to be remembered for a long time to come!


Next to Tresor
10179 Berlin
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02.10.14: ABYSSAL w/ DjRUM @ OHM, Berlin
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