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 Basher & Xtrah Interview (KMag)

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BeitragThema: Basher & Xtrah Interview (KMag)   So Okt 30 2011, 22:35

If there’s two people making huge impact at the moment then it's Basher and Xtrah. And now the onslaught looks likely to gather even more momentum with the imminent arrival of their next release Hubble / Reflections on Teebee's imprint, the very mighty Subtitles. We caught up with both of them to discuss the release and find out what else is in store...

Hubble / Reflections is out on October 31. In your own words, can you tell us more about the content and direction of the release?

Basher: Well we have always felt they are both stand out tracks, both tunes using iconic funk breaks with some new processing and layers. We like both sides equally and it's a release we're really proud of. Xtrah started Reflections in 2010 when his Nan passed away so it has a great deal of feeling to it. After Teebee expressed some interest in the track, we decided to finish it together and are very happy with the outcome. Hubble was started by Basher in 2009. The vibe was there but it needed work so we brought it up to date and finished that in 2010 too. We always knew it was good, as a 12" we think it's a perfect combination with real feeling, quality and longevity we just hope other people feel the same way about the release as we do!

Xtrah, you've really seemed to come to prominence over the last few months with some stunning releases, but like most you've been honing your craft for a while. For those that aren't so familiar with your history can you let us know a bit more about your background?

Well I’ve been into drum & bass from a young age and been DJing for many years now. I was also into graffiti heavily and that’s where I got my name. Obviously after DJin..................

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BeitragThema: Re: Basher & Xtrah Interview (KMag)   So Okt 30 2011, 22:39

Ayy super, da isses aber nicht lesen jetzt, Vera... Zackzack los, ich hab noch'n Date Very Happy
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Basher & Xtrah Interview (KMag)
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